Volunteer for the 2016 Venice Biennale

The opportunity for volunteers to attend the 2016 Venice Biennale is coming to a close as the final date for applications, Wednesday 27 January, approaches.

The 2016 event will mark the first year that Australia’s new pavilion has been part of the event. The Denton Corker Marshall-designed pavilion will accommodate Australia’s exhibition “The Pool,” led by creative directors Amelia Holliday, Michelle Tabet and Isabelle Toland.

The exhibition will be used as a means to explore Australian identity through an immersive multi-sensory experience. Visitors will be engaged through the use of light, scent, sound, reflection and perspective coming together to create a series of perceptual illusions.

The volunteer positions range from 10 days to a month and are open to a wide range of people including members of the Australian Institute of Architects, architectural students as well as people who speak multiple languages and have previous volunteering experience.

For more information visit www.architecture.com.au/venicebiennale.