Top Interior Design Trends: Local Designers’ Top Picks

t’s nearly a new year, which naturally brings moments of reflection on the year gone by and anticipation of what’s to come. The same is true in the world of interior design, where exciting things are happening. We turned to some of Memphis’ top designers to talk the ‘it’ trends of 2019 as well as to get their trend forecasts for 2020.

From color, patterns and fearless personal style to mixing materials, new textures and more color — the shifting trends are changing these talented designers’ timeless looks in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, all of it intriguing and definitely inspiring. Bookmark this page as an on-point reference for your 2020 home refresh adventures!

Top Design Trends from Memphis Interior Designers

Lisa Mallory | Lisa Mallory Interior Design

“Color is my favorite trend for 2019,” says Lisa Mallory of Lisa Mallory Interior Design, adding, “and more color is my favorite trend for 2020.”

2019: Bold Patterns & Colors

These bold patterns and colors of 2019 are evident in Lisa’s “fearless powder room.” The powder room is a great spot to have fun and take risks with color and pattern as it is small and visited briefly, to powder one’s nose, as it were, so the daring colors aren’t overwhelming.

2020: Even More Bold Patterns & Colors

Clear Lucite and glass intermingle with gold accents — a timeless look that is imbued with a modern feel with the strengthening color trend. “We’ve added more bold colors and pattern,” says Lisa of this elegant sitting room, but as you can see, that doesn’t mean it must be everywhere. Thoughtfully placed punches of bold pink in the stool upholstery, pillow pattern and drapery trim lend a subtly trendy edge.

Top Interior Design Trends: Local Designers’ Top Picks

Ami Austin | Ami Austin Interior Design

“’Trends’ as a term is frightening to me. I have avoided trends since my first day in design,” says Ami Austin of Ami Austin Interior Design. “Although there are new introductions every day, what I have seen and what I think my clients have appreciated most are timeless, neutral environments that can look great from day one and evolve over time.”

2019: Return to Elegance

“I have seen and believe a return to elegance is on the rise,” says Ami. A classic white master bath exudes Old World elegance with just a few gilded accents: a gorgeous antique mirror flanked by elegant candle sconces and a modern faucet in a subdued brushed-gold finish. “Think of neutrals as the LBD of design: You can dress it up or down and it always looks great. Plus, these days, you don’t need to worry or obsess about whether to use gold or silver hardware — either looks great when done thoughtfully.”

Top Interior Design Trends: Local Designers’ Top Picks

2020: Luxe Textures

From custom drapes and luxurious upholstery to velvety couches and antique rugs — sumptuous textiles are back. “The appreciation of luxe textures adds so much, and it is easy to do in any home,” says Ami. “And our fabrics today are so versatile and durable. There should no longer be the excuse of having pets or waiting until the toddlers grow up. Enjoy your home, and let it evolve over time.”

Top Interior Design Trends: Local Designers’ Top Picks