SURGE Combines High Aesthetics with Environmentally Oriented Technology

by Lilly Cao

Chinese architect Mingfei Sun has designed an environmentally oriented urban hub for Masdar City, Abu Dhabi. Titled SURGE, its natural aesthetics and technological forwardness are intended to communicate a J.M.W. Turner-esque awe for the power of nature, making it an oasis of high aesthetic and ecological value.

To enhance air movement in the streets of the city, SURGE aligns with prevailing wind movement patterns and the linearity of the existing urban fabric. This channels pleasant breezes through the site itself and reduces water demand for the irrigation of the park. As the shelter design additionally filters violent sunlight, the park is suited for the city’s hot and dry climate.

Furthermore, SURGE neither produces emissions nor physical or airborne waste products. The entire structure is composed of recycled and renewable materials. Moreover, this structure is composed of energy harvesting units that collect solar, wind, and pedestrian-generated mechanical energy, which is used to power surrounding residential, commercial, and research institutions

Complementing this ecological focus is an aesthetic appreciation for the heritage of Arab art and culture, which serves as an inspiration for SURGE’s design. Thus, the park responds to both local climate and culture, serving as a meeting point for nature, tradition, and technology.

Collaboration: Beijing Institute of Nano-energy and Nano-systems, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd (Beijing Branch) Institute of Structural Design
Type: Public land art installation
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Designer: Mingfei Sun, Hang Yuan, Shengyu Chao