Jangji, Seoul Compact City International Design Competition

Jangji, Seoul Compact City International Design Competition

This competition is as a part of “the innovative project for the complex urban space” and “Supplying 80,000 public housing units plan” by the city of Seoul. The purpose of this competition is to obtain a innovative architectural design for the complex development for 「modernization for the existing bus

garage (enhance the functionality)」, 「Regional amenity facilities (Living SOC))」 and 「public housing specialized for the youth and newly married couple (Happy house) using the ‘Jangji’ public bus site

◦ First of all, the modernization of the ‘Jangji’ public bus garage should be presented to develop a compact city related to the locational characteristic of the garage site and complex development, leading to develop as the innovative project by providing creative design and spatial program for the revitalizing under utilized urban space for introducing regional amenity facilities (Living SOC) and providing public housing

Competition type : two(2) phases competition
◦ Phase 1 : Submission of project proposal
◦ Phase 2 : Submission of Design works

(1) Propose a multi-level complex development plan for the ‘Jangji’ public bus garage site
◦ Clearing up the overlapping urban planning facilities that may caused by public bus stations (garage) and parks on the new complex
◦ Set up the spatial limits for the complex development with public housing and urban facilities
(2) Proposal for the multi-level complex of public housing and public bus garage facilities
◦ Public housing and necessary amenity facilities for neighbourhood
◦ Proposal for the public contribution using upper portion of the public bus garage
◦ Plan for the public bus garage facilities and parking lot
◦ Plan for the temporary bus garage and stages of construction

Estimated Construction Cost and Design Fee
(1) Estimated Construction Cost : KRW 200 billion
◦ The total cost of construction with the entire project site, including the multi-level complex on the ‘Jangji’ Public bus garage, and the cost of public housing and Living SOC.
(2) Design Fee
KRW 7.129 billion (VAT Incl.)

• Design Fee refers to all the components to realization of the proposed design by the participants.
• In case the additional tasks are required beyond this design competition guideline, the change of design can be agreeable by mutual consent.
• The cost of BIM(Building Information Modeling) is included

Download the information related to this competition here.