Imagine you've just won the lottery … describe your dream house

Euromillions jackpot winners, 24-year-old Matt Topham and 23-year-old Cassey Topham made headlines this week with their planning application for a somewhat unconventional-looking £5m, eight-bedroom mansion, complete with waterfall garage.

Queen of Versailles
Timeshare king David Siegel and his wife Jackie in the master bedroom of their unfinished 26,000 sqft 'Versailles' house in Orlando, Florida. Photograph: Lauren Greenfield/BBC/Evergreen Pictures


You may think the house, which they're calling Serenity looks more Teletubbies house than Bond villain superlair, but you can't deny it's inventive. Not that it's the first example of millionaires making eccentric building decisions – whether it's a bedroom-to-pool waterslide, a maze of dead-ended corridors, or a real-life Barbie dream house, the super-rich have got it made.

What would you include in your own dream house, if money were no object? A cinema? A helipad? Or would you simply be content with a roof that doesn't leak?

Winchester Mystery House
On the cultivated front of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California, stands a statute of Chief Little Fawn. Photograph: Sacramento Bee/MCT via Getty Images