Habitable Station / Rozana Montiel | Estudio de Arquitectura

  • Lead Architect: Rozana Montiel
  • Collaborators: Ombeline De Laage, Max García
  • Structure: Antonio Juárez Peralta, Sergio López

Text description provided by the architects. We designed a prototype with a new type of corrugated concrete, experimenting with the materiality in order for it to be durable, malleable and nearly maintenance-free. The station houses the furnaces for the combustion of solid waste in different Mexican ports and national airports.

Finding a suitable name for the project was an integral part of the conceptual design process: the term "station" evokes the idea of replicability and is associated with the order of a space laboratory and the logistical movement around a train station.

The station becomes a habitable machine that, in its round layout, not only houses a pleasant workspace but creates a significant relationship between the operator and their work. In addition to ordering tasks, it radically transforms the way these facilities operate.

The main challenge of this project was that the client wanted prefabricated pieces that could adapt to a wide range of climates, such as a jungle and a desert. The walls and roof of the station can be installed in a couple of days. The complete prototype is built in four weeks and adapts according to the specific conditions of the site.

The station guarantees a safe, functional, comfortable, modular, iconic and exportable space.