Exhibition: Sergei Tchoban / Contrasting Harmony of the City

The "Contrasting Harmony of the City" exhibition offers a selection of drawings, architectural fantasies, ideas for set design and various compositions depicting the contrasting harmony between contemporary and historical, iconic and background-architecture.

The exhibition highlights Sergei Tchoban's dedication to architectural drawings: the structure of European cities combined with futuristic elements as seen in his Architectural Capriccios and compositions of Urban Layers; and charcoal drawings of ruins of Russian Orthodox churches destroyed in the Soviet era depicting a tragic atmosphere in his series Damaged Churches. With his drawings, Tchoban often brushes the topic of how contemporary architecture can exist in historic urban areas, and how new layers play a role in creating the heritage of the future.

Recently, he designed the sets for the play Svetlyj put’ 19.17 (Shining Path) at the Moscow Art Theatre. Written and produced by Alexander Molochnikow, the play is marking the 100th anniversary of the 1917 October Revolution. The set design drawings and the pastel drawing from the series Dead End portray a relationship between an architect and the Soviet past in his country.

This exhibition brings together visualized and constructed ideas on paper. Looking at architecture around the world, and developing and working out new ideas on paper, demonstrate these themes in his architectural drawings. Drawing is an essential component of Sergei's communication tools that gives him the ability to translate his ideas about the relationship between contemporary and historical architecture, as well as iconic buildings and built background-architecture.

Sergei Tchoban studied at the architectural department at the Academy of Arts in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where he was born and raised, before moving to Germany in 1991. His most significant works are realized in Berlin, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In 2009 he founded the Tchoban Foundation - Museum for Architectural Drawing. He is known not only as an architect and architectural draftsman, but also as a collector, curator, lecturer, theatre and exhibition designer.

Exhibition curated by Jolanta Gromadzka and Esenija Bannan.

The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a lecture and the presentation of the book "30:70 Architecture as an Act of Balance" by Sergei Tchoban.

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