Conceptual Wall of Logs by Christophe Benichou

Christophe Benichou creates “The Wall of Logs”, a new conceptual getaway, a natural solid wall with perforated interiors. The project comes as a counterpoint experience for his previous endeavor Sesame, a solitary monolith, a residence in the open desert.

As the architect describes, the Wall of Logs is conceived “by removing material from a great natural solid”.  In fact, the voids generated by brutally perforating the structure with huge rectangular windows, offer habitable spaces.

Believing firmly in a descriptive sensorial architecture, the firm in both of its conceptual projects, illustrated a minimalist and abstract approach. Nevertheless, Sesame and Wall of Logs offer a different sensory relationship to their environment: the first one has no direct view to the outside, whereas the second is all about opening up to the exterior.


“The wall of logs is a concept habitat born during a hike on the Aubrac plateau in central France. In these vast expanses where gentle slopes undulate to infinity, a pile of logs blocks the eye. It’s a great wall in the landscape; a rampart, to perforate, to release the sight. Two monumental windows come to dig this mass. Around them are located all the functions of a habitat that came to colonize the wall. A refuge in the logs. Its heart of wood is wrapped in a thin bark of steel, concealing structure, carpentry and furniture, to offer two pure frames in the heart of nature.” -- Christophe Benichou Architectures.