Christchurch field trip

A co-operative tour in the lead-up to ANZAC Day 2013 is inviting around twenty Australian architects, engineers, project managers and other building professionals on a three-day trip to Christchurch to see first-hand the major role being played by timber buildings in the reconstruction of Christchurch.

The three-day tour (22–24 April) focuses on commercial buildings that are being contracted with the latest large-span timber technology such as post-tensioned moment frames and shear walls, composite timber, concrete floors and long-span roofs.

Day one will be introductions to researchers and material suppliers. Day two will be a field trip to around four key sites, including Shigeru Ban’s Cardboard Cathedral and the Merritts office building in downtown Christchurch. Day three will be a “technology transfer” workshop at Canterbury University where the EXPAN timber technology used in the projects visited will be discussed by building owner, designers and researchers.

Building profiles

  • 3-storey office: GFA – 1,850 m2. Technology used: post-tensioned LVL frame system and timber / concrete composite floor;
  • 2-storey office: GFA – 6,700 m2. Technology used: post-tensioned LVL frames and shear walls and timber concrete composite floor;
  • 4-storey office: GFA – 4,000 m2. Technology used: post-tensioned LVL frames and shear walls and timber concrete composite floor.

Organised by the Structural Timber Innovation Company in partnership with Wood Solutions, the trip is part of a research program by a consortium involving New Zealand’s Auckland University, Canterbury University (Christchurch) and Sydney’s UTS. The tour itself costs $200 not including travel and accommodation, which guests must arrange for themselves separately.

Enquiries and bookings, call Jane Letteri on 1800 685 519 or email.

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